The Thrill of The Chase Poem and Book

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This blog is dedicated to those who like Forrest and myself love the thrill of the chase, whether it be chasing elk with a bow, digging for artifacts, exploring the mountains, whitewater rafting, or Chasing after Fenn’s hidden treasure which is why we are all here right. I created this blog so people would have a place to go to discuss the poem and the clues contained within it and the subtle hints sprinkled throughout the book. If your meek well I’m sorry because you might get hazed if you state you know exactly where the treasure is and you haven’t even left your computer desk, or you say you just need one hot minute to get it. Also watch out because you will most likely encounter many heavy loads here so be aware and go around if its too big of a pile. Just remember children may be viewing this site so no foul language but friendly jabbing is okay and if you feel its too rude for you than just leave. Click on the Poem and Clues link below the mountain image for the discussion forum.

Our Last family trip out.

Some other thrill chasing I did.